Printtrac – automated consumable Procurement and Print Efficiency Solution


Printtrac manages print environments with the automation of consumable procurement and establishing print efficiency improvements and cost savings with a unique fully integrated suite of software comprising Device Management and User Management modules.

This is brought together with our mapping tool giving you customisable graphical views displaying device alerts and users printing habits as well as generating scheduled reporting of crucial efficiency enhancing information.

Printtrac tracks print and copy usage across all network printers and MFPs, as well as USB attached devices.

It provides a comprehensive range of activity and cost savings reports through an intuitive browser- based user interface and feeds printer and MFP usage data directly into your central console. This allows you to make informed decisions about optimising the fleet and put in place effective print policies that save money and reduce waste.

Our brand agnostic approach and modular architecture lets you deploy the functionality you need, safe in the knowledge that Printtrac can grow with your needs.

Device Management

Through Device Management you can control consumable replenishment, metre reads and view your devices and related print data in an easy to use intuitive interface.

History of Innovation
Since 1998, key partners in the USA have been pioneering cutting-edge cost recovery solutions that helped define the managed print services industry. Printtrac has assembled a leading portfolio of remote meter reading and managed print services tools.

Key Facts

  • 10% of consumables are lost before reaching their printer destination
  • Toners are replaced on average with 14% still remaining
  • Awareness of 40% more devices possible through deploying device monitoring tools on an organization’s network

Customised Dashboard and Reporting views
The intuitive dashboard and display provides customisation and provides the overview of the most important data, so information you require about your print fleet is centrally positioned and easily viewable. If toner levels or metre readings are more important these can have pride of place. This data can then be scheduled to report on certain days to arrange reseller procurement of toners or invoicing metres.


Accurate Page Coverage %
Instead of relying on the industry standard 5% of page coverage, data is shown to 0.1% levels so that fairness to both reseller and customer in billing for copies is enabled. Ensuring customer loyalty and supports renewal of contracts.

Simplify metre Collection: Web-Based metre Collection
Web Audit, a patented technology gathers metre readings over email or the web without any software required at the other UPS locations

Get All the Metres: Non-Networked Device Metre Collection

One of the biggest frustrations in implementing a print management strategy is that up to 40% of printers are connected to local machines. Any comprehensive print management solution needs to address this issue. That’s why we use a Local Data Collection Agent that is pushed to PC’s to capture these metres.

Unique Integration of device and user data with floor plan mapping
Printtrac has brought three pieces of software into one fully integrated suite to bring you the data you need in one place. This is represented visually in an easy to use console and on a floor plan map on multiple floors if needed, the positioning of devices, all users and associated data right there for the IT Manager or Procurement Manager to control and schedule at the press of a few clicks on the mouse.


Automated Supply Fulfilment: Supply Triggered Delivery
Our clients needed a way to automate delivery of supplies. However, not all machines are equally used. Some high volume printers need supplies shipped when the cartridge is at 40%. Other low volume printers may not need supplies shipped until the cartridge reaches 10%, it may also be relevant for setting a period of days to empty to apply instead of percentage levels. That’s why the ASM module lets you set the threshold for when to ship supplies to each printer, reducing your costs.

Communicate with Billing Systems: Two-Way ERP Synchronisation
To fully automate metre collection your system needs to communicate clearly with your ERP system. Other solutions offer one-way communication, only feeding metre information to your ERP. Our intimate knowledge of reseller ERP systems enabled us to develop two-way communication between Device Management and popular ERP and service dispatch systems.

Adaptive Service Management
One of the frustrations of most managed print services systems is the lack of control over service and supply notifications. Countless hours can be spent filtering and interpreting messages from printers. A few of these messages are relevant while many are not, Printtrac puts you in control of the information that you view.

Control Service and Supply Notifications
ASM gives you control over which notifications come to you. It allows you to configure the system so that you only see the information that is important. This saves you time, streamlines your supply inventory and makes sure that you are responding to the important needs.

Supply Triggered Marketing
Provide supplies for non-managed printers. Supply Triggered Marketing can automatically generate a courtesy email to your client letting them know their printer cartridge is about to run out. The email can link to your online toner store.


Dynamic Reporting
Viewer console creates many useful reports:

  • Monthly Usage Matrix, graphically illustrates monthly usage, total mono/colour volumes and toner coverage %
  • Usage vs. Recommended Duty Cycle, reports over- and under-utilization by visually representing threshold per cent of duty cycle.

Side By Side Database
We use a database of over 10,000 printer and MFP models. There are over 130 fields of information for each device (images, supply costs, yields, part numbers, etc.). This allows you to quickly create TCO (total cost of ownership) reports based on industry information. This database is updated daily and synchronised with your server, ensuring you are always working with the latest data.

Customisable Reports
If you want to create a more detailed report for a client, you can enter their actual supply costs. This allows you to work collaboratively with your client to develop a print management strategy saving them on their turnover and bringing you revenue in consultancy.

Implementation and Training
We provide web based training. This will be separated by a period of some weeks during which we jointly plan how you can get the best from the system and have the answers to your customer’s questions before they even ask them.

User Management

User Management gives you reports on every aspect of your users’ printing habits and allows you to enforce print controls which can dramatically reduce operating costs.

Our locally hosted user interface means your information stays where it is most secure, on your customer’s server. Your customer retains the control over their confidential data while you the reseller can use this data to make recommendations on their print fleet and control to optimize their print set up.

Print Rules & Controls
Printtrac can either enforce rules or provide informative messages to influence user behaviour and drive down costs. Simple enforcement rules such as colour control or duplex printing can be enhanced by least cost routing of print jobs to more cost effective devices.

This can help your customer with control over specific application printing, or who can print or copy what, can also be deployed across entire organisations in seconds, irrespective of the number of users through integration with your active directory accounts.

Printtrac can also help you implement User Quotas for copy, scan and fax, as well as print by individual or by department.

Usage Tracking & Reporting
Printtrac tracks print and copy usage across all network printers and MFPs, as well as USB attached devices. It provides a comprehensive range of activity and cost savings reports through an intuitive browser-based User Interface, as well as directly into the Device Management Console and Mapping.

Guest Printing & Hospitality
In addition to providing a secure printing solution for virtually any organisation, Printtrac can also be extended to provide guest printing facilities, particularly in a hospitality environment, such as
hotels and airport lounges.


Mobile Printing
Printing from mobile devices isn’t quite the challenge it once was a few years ago, however tracking and controlling it is. Printtrac not only allows users to print from ANY mobile device to ANY print device, but it allows you to track it, control it, and if appropriate, deny it.

Printtrac can make any print device available to mobile users with support for AirPrint and Google Cloud Print (GCP). Our Mobile app not only allows users to print from their smartphone or tablet, it also allows you to view and release any document in your personal print queue at any network printer or MFP.

Supported Cost Recovery
For many organisations, particularly professional services firms, tracking print, copy and faxes is a necessity in order to bill back customers, or allocate costs to departments or projects. Printtrac offers a comprehensive pricing model that allows you to allocate costs right down to a price-per- page basis. Billing reports can be generated and scheduled to user or even exported as CSV or XML to common billing applications.

Secure Print Release
Whether on MFPs or single function printers, Printtrac offers a variety of Secure Print Release options ranging from pull printing via an embedded UI at MFPs to Mobile printing, which allows users of mobile devices to print and release ANY print job at ANY print device.

Not only does Printtrac’s Secure Print Release eliminate the issue of confidential documents being left unattended in the output tray, implementing a pull printing strategy has been proven to help reduce print costs by up to 15% saving money on your customers bottom line.