Direct Debit is widely recognised as the most common way to pay recurring bills in the UK with 9/10 UK adults having at least one Direct Debit commitment. With Direct Debit, you benefit from a predictable and stable revenue stream, improved cash flow and lower customer churn.

Your customers also benefit from a simple and convenient payment system which is flexible to their needs and makes it easier for them to budget.

SmartDebit, streamlines your payment handling with automated Direct Debit. Every year, SmartDebit processes more than £billions of payments, accurately and efficiently, meaning Direct Debit is as straightforward as it should be. SmartDebit make it easy for organisations of all sizes to collect payments from their customers with industry leading service and enterprise IT security and is rated as the leading Direct Debit service provider in the UK by Trustpilot,


  • ISO 27001:2013 certified – all information is handled with absolute security and integrity
  • Bacs Approved Bureau – rated as excellent in four categories and a fully accredited Bacs training organisation
  • FCA Authorised Payment Institution – fully regulated by the FCA


Managed Service

A fully managed Bacs submission service that makes Direct Debit easy for businesses of all sizes, SmartDebit will manage the entire Bacs submission process on your behalf

  • Access to an online portal – submit or amend Customer data and view Bacs
  • Full submission history – track exactly what has been collected, from whom and when
  • Validation – reduce the risk of errors by validating bank accounts at sign-up
  • Comprehensive support – through our online helpdesk and Customer Service team

Bureau Service

The Bureau Service is designed for larger organisations who already have, or plan to obtain, a Service User Number (SUN) from Bacs, providing advanced features and controls

  • Automated Bacs submission – with the option to submit Direct Debit files directly to Bacs
  • SmartDebit  API – allows you to develop additional processes or elements to integrate with your finance systems
  • Branded sign-up form – makes it easy to register new Direct Debit Customers online
  • Comprehensive support – through our online helpdesk and Customer Service team

Bacs Accredited Training

Designed to help participants reduce errors and increase collection success rate

  • Understanding Bacs reports – learn about the reports Bacs automatically generates whenever there is a problem with a payment
  • Dealing with indemnity claims – how to handle and respond to indemnity claims
  • Bacs processing cycle – gain a comprehensive view of what Bacs is and how it works
  • Certification – Bacs accredited certificate upon course completion

Cheque Processing

Cheque processing and imaging service aimed at organisations with a high volume of inbound cheques

  • Reduce costs – cheaper than clearing through the bank
  • Efficiency – collections of cheques, processing, reports and customer support are managed by SmartDebit
  • Speed – next day clearance
  • Security – specialist couriers with knowledge and experience of bank collections are used

Online Payments

Simple and secure online payment services that scale with your business

  • Payment methods – accept all major card types, PayPal and local and alternative payments
  • Integration options – integrate in less than five minutes
  • Fraud management – combat fraud while maximising conversion
  • Security – securely store your Customers’ card details alleviating your PCI responsibility
  • Transaction reporting – manage, reconcile and report on all your transactional activity
  • Phone payments – accept payments over the phone
  • Currency management – improve the payment process for your international customers

European Payments SEPA

Collect regular recurring payments for products and services within Europe

  • Electronic signature – take advantage of SmartDebit legally binding e-signature to confirm payer authentication plus contract
  • Omnichannel – on-board your Customers via web, mobile, phone or face-to-face with the same user experience
  • Card payment – combine Direct Debit and card payment to further improve payment success
  • 34 countries – checkout experience in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and many other languages

Direct Debit API

Seamless integration & control with direct access to the core of our processing systems, giving seamless integration to your applications

  • Improved business processes – Automate your processing and remove the manual process.
  • More efficient operation– Easy access to your payment data and reconciliations
  • Better customer service – Free up resources for you to focus on your core business
  • Flexible and secure – Integrate your business applications with ISO27001 data security


SmartDebit Admin

SmartDebit Admin® is a powerful and comprehensive cloud-based portal for the administration, interpretation, and management of Direct Debit Instructions and Payments

Features of SmartDebit Admin

  • Secure cloud-based solution – view, process and approve payments from anywhere at any time, from multiple devices and multiple locations
  • Flexible payments – choose the date, frequency and amount of your payments based on Customer and business requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit trails giving you complete visibility of all transactions processed and files submitted
  • Real-time alerts showing failed or cancelled payments via the portal. Reports are also sent via email
  • Automates the Direct Debit sign-up and on-going correspondence process to reduce complexity.
  • All correspondence is branded in your name
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface, with industry leading compliance and security as standard

SmartDebit Direct

SmartDebit Direct® is a simple-to-use, secure and powerful Direct Debit and DIrect Credits Bacs file submission solution. Allowing our Customers to upload, validate and submit files to Bacs

Features of SmartDebit Direct

  • Cost effective and secure Bacs solution for all business sizes
  • Ability to upload files and retrieve reports via the intuitive web portal or directly via a SFTP
  • SmartDebit encrypt traffic to Bacs using dedicated Hardware Security Modules (HSM), which replace the need for costly individual smart cards and smart card readers
  • Fast file validation including full modulus checks
  • Multiple role configuration, allowing separate upload, approval and authorisation of files
  • Simple drag and drop function to Bulk upload zipped or individual files

SmartDebit Online

SmartDebit Online® allows you to sign up Customers on your own website through a hosted page or a custom-branded payment page

Features of SmartDebit Online

  • Flexible branded payment page integration options
  • View the SmartDebit sign-up pages securely on or off your site using our iFrame options
  • You can also set up Customers’ Direct Debits via telephone and/or a call centre using this method
  • Pre-approved hosted forms
  • Direct URL link to secure and approved SmartDebit Customer sign-up pages
  • Enhanced security. SmartDebit securely manage all account information